john rabe


(Credit: John Rabe)


WT "Bill" Rabe and John Rabe, c. 1967. (Credit: Joe Clark, HBSS)

Your host John Rabe was born in 1966 to Maryann Rady Rabe (1928-1991) and WT Rabe (1921-1992), and has been a broadcast journalist since 1982.

Rabe has mostly worked in public radio, including WHYY-Philadelphia and KPCC-Los Angeles. His KPCC show Off-Ramp was twice named the best American regional public affairs program, and his 1999 documentary "Walking Out of History," about the miraculous Shackleton expedition, inexplicably won no awards at all.

Rabe is a Sherlockian and proud member of LA's Curious Collectors of Baker Street.


"Where does Gandalf buy his clothes?"

"At the Gap of Rohan."

     -- Joke written by Rabe for Sir Ian McKellan on Dinner Party Download

Rabe and husband, c. 2019. (Credit: John Rabe)

Takei Gothic for Artsy.jpg

"The New American Gothic"

(Credit: Rabe, Wood, Uhlenkott)

Rabe is also an art photographer, represented exclusively in Los Angeles by Bermudez Projects, with works like "The New American Gothic" available on Artsy.

Rabe lives and works in LA's Cypress Park neighborhood with his husband Julian Bermudez.


Rabe and Bermudez on Route 101, c. 1965. (Credit John Rabe)