JOHN RABE conceived, wrote, produced, executive produced, narrated, and mixed Call Back Yesterday.

SHAKESPEARE wrote the podcast title in Richard II, Act 3, Scene 2.

     King Richard asks the Earl of Salisbury, "Hey, just wondering ... where's that army you promised me?"

     To which Salisbury says,

          Nor near nor farther off, my gracious lord,

          Than this weak arm: discomfort guides my tongue

          And bids me speak of nothing but despair.

          One day too late, I fear me, noble lord,

          Hath clouded all thy happy days on earth:

          O, call back yesterday, bid time return,

          And thou shalt have twelve thousand fighting men!

          To-day, to-day, unhappy day, too late,

          O’erthrows thy joys, friends, fortune and thy state:

          For all the Welshmen, hearing thou wert dead.

          Are gone to Bolingbroke, dispersed and fled.

     Richard Matheson used "Bid Time Return" as the title for his book, and the original title for the     

     screenplay for "Somewhere in Time." I borrowed Call Back Yesterday because I thought it

     spoke to memory more than actually going back in time. Also the .com domain was available.

The VAN DYKE PARKS arranged, performed, and produced the theme music, Gottschalk's "Souvenir de la Havane," and it is used here through Parks' gracious permission and the forking over of a modest sum of money.

Call Back Yesterday is supported in part by BERMUDEZ PROJECTS, whose mission is to present dynamic works by the next generation of contemporary American and international artists.

MICHAEL UHLENKOTT (below right, with unknown boulevardier in 1935) executed the penny logo.