• John Rabe

Today is the Big 4-0 for "Somewhere in Time"

40 years ago today, Universal released "Somewhere in Time." I did a couple of pieces about it ... One for the Los Angeles radio station I've worked at for 20 years, 89.3-KPCC, and another for our website,

So if you want the full 19-minute audio experience, check out the Filmweek webpage. It's a deep dive with quotes, clips, sound effects, and music. There's an audio player at the top of the page. (Out of respect for my station, I won't be posting the mp3 here.)

And if you want text, check out the story on LAist. I love this anecdote, which multiple witnesses confirm is true:

Szwarc turned to Dewey and Simon and asked innocently, "Where is the water?" Both of them say nothing, but point down to the ice. "Oh," says the director, realizing he's standing over 100 feet of 32.1-degree water. "Can we go now?"

If you're unfamiliar with the "Somewhere in Time" story, these places are a great place to start. And if you're an old hand, you'll enjoy the retelling ... and I hope I found a couple of new angles to keep it fresh.

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